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We are a safe place in our community. Our youth center allows kids to learn, connect, grow and most importantly, be safe. We offer free daily programming for school aged children and teens. We have staff and volunteers that have a passion for kids and learning. Our center focuses on not only being a FUN place to be, but being a supplemental scholarly program that revisits the basics and reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom. 

Hope MKE's Youth Center is open daily!

  • Days: Monday - Thursday

  • Times: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM 


The following programs are offered on a rotational basis. We have 3 programs offered each day at the center.

Art Studio

We have artist of vary skill level teach kids the fundamentals of art. They take a creative approach to learning. They use multiple mediums to engage the students and broaden their knowledge of art. Some of the mediums we have work with include: painting, jewelry making, holiday crafts, cookie decorating, crochet, alterations, and much more.
Our studio has been privileged to host Mount Mary's art therapist students, as well. They bring deep art knowledge to the studio that allows for even greater art experiences. *Note: art therapist interns are only observing for the therapy side of their program. If they are leading a class, it is solely art that they are teaching, not art therapy. 
Sponsor: Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Mount Mary College

Homework Center

The homework center is open Monday to Thursday from 4:30-6:30 pm during the school year. Tutoring is free and no appointment is needed.  This program is supported by interns at Marquette University, where service is core to their mission.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed.  They can chose to come for one day, a semester, or for the whole year.
Sponsor: City of West Allis

Science Lab

This is our newest program and the students have been loving it! We do the "fun part" of your science class- the experiments! We engage all learners to understand the why behind things in this interactive program. Students are empowered to be self-lead in the program, while teachers give them an example and lead them along. 

Sponsor:  We are looking for a sponsor for this program. Reach out if you can help!

Lego Club

LEGO sessions are seasonal and classes are once a week for 6-weeks.  Students learn code building skills and enhance their curiosity with lessons that are aligned to core academic skills. Our lead volunteers are Candice and Rodney Webb who are both engineers and amazing teachers. Our current curriculum is for 1-4th graders.
Sponsor: West Allis Rotary Club 

Active Sport

Kids come to the center with energy to burn, so we do a variety of fun and active games and sports to help them release it. During the winter activities have included: obstacle courses, ping pong, zumba, mini basketball, and more. In summer, we utilize the park in our backyard to do fun group games, including: basketball, soccer, kickball, tag and more. 

Sponsor: We are looking for a sponsor for this program. Reach out if you can help!

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