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Thank you for your willingness to get involved in our community programming efforts!
Volunteering Opportunities: We offer a variety of volunteering opportunities outside of the events that we host. Some include the following. If you have other things you would like to help us with, please reach out. 
  • Art Teacher
  • Academic Coordinator 
  • Facility Maintenance and Repair
  • Financial Literacy Teachers
  • Lego Robotics Teachers
  • Food Delivery
  • Food Pantry Organization
  • Mentors/Teachers for After School Children/Youth Programming
  • Social Media Manager
  • Security
  • Special Event Coordinator
  • Summer Camp Counselors and Activity Leads
  • Summer Camp Coordinators

Note: All volunteers will go through annual background checks to support a safe and healthy environment. Volunteers will need to provide a copy of their driver's license and fill out a volunteer packet. *If a volunteer is under 18 years old, a parent/legal guardian will need to give consent for the background check to be run.
Sponsor: We are always looking for key sponsors to help us keep our programming top notch. 
Hope Gala: We have a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, but the Hope Gala is our main event. We are always looking for people to join our planning team, sponsor tables, and invite guests.
Contact us if you are interested in learning more about a specific volunteer, sponsor or fundraiser opportunity.
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