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Every year Hope MKE hosts a free summer camp, KidsFest, for our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, KidsFest 2020 has been canceled due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. We will be having a Back to School Drive, so subscribe to our newsletter and/or keep an eye on our website for more information about the drive.


We are looking forward to hosting KidsFest again in 2021.


More about KidsFest: Hope MKE offers youth programming year-round, but this is our biggest summer event. This program is key to our mission of helping transform communities one person at a time with Godlike compassion by strengthening individuals and restoring families. 

Due to our involvement and those who are part of the neighborhood collaborative within the City of West Allis, we have seen a decline in crime rates by 20%. The West Allis community lives 17% under the federal poverty level and most of our students receive a free or reduced lunch at school. We are located in the six points neighborhood on the eastbound side of West Allis and we are in the most at-risk neighborhood in a community that lives 51% under the federal median income levels. 


It is important for us to be with our neighbors. Liberty Heights Park, the park we do KidsFest at, is one of the busiest parks in our area. All summer long you will see kids out there enjoy it with their friends. A majority of the time, kids will come unsupervised, which can cause problems. Us being in the park with constructive programming is key for the neighborhoods success!


A Special Thank you to the 2019 Sponsors!

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