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Dear Friends of Hope MKE, 
On behalf of our students, staff, families, and volunteers, we would like to thank you for helping us fulfill our mission. Hope MKE is committed to building quality programs for our neighborhood youth and to feeding families. Our partnerships have been instrumental in helping us achieve our mission, "to transform communities one person at a time with God's compassion by offering services that strengthen people and restore families". Our programs consist of food services, a youth center with a slew of programs focused on the arts, education, science, Lego robotics, music & technology and KidFest, our version of summer camp. All of our programs are FREE because of our generous partners. ​
West Allis is the community we are proud to call OUR neighborhood. We joined the Neighborhood Partnership Collaborative in 2018, which helped reduce local crime by 20% that first year. Up to this point in 2020 alone, we have been able to help 350+ families suffering from food insecurity that was intensified from COVID-19 and its correlating effects. 
At the end of the day, ​Hope MKE isn't just about giving people food. We aren't just about providing educational support to students. We aren't just about hosting free summer camp for kids that don't have that opportunity. We are about changing lives. We are about being there for people when they don't have anyone else. We are about sparking HOPE!


In 2020, Hope MKE is focused on expanding its board, staff, and volunteers so that we can create the most refined and effective approaches to help our community. We are doing a pulse check of our neighborhood's needs and partnering with them and other experts to help.  If you are looking to learn more or get involved, please email me at


Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez
Executive Director

Note: Jessica Gonzalez was the Executive Director from May 2016 - December 2019. 

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